PVC Waterproofing

PVC waterproofing membrane is a modern roofing material made up of high quality flexible polyvinyl chloride. Depending on the application area, there are reinforced and unreinforced membranes. For roofing purposes, reinforced membranes are used.

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ON-DECK-Roofing-A Modern Roofing Material
ON-DECK-Roofing-A Modern Roofing Material

A Modern Roofing Material

PVC membrane is quite easy to install, and offers great strength and long service life. These qualities make PVC membrane an appealing option to home and business owners alike. PVC membrane provides both strength and flexibility, while remaining resistant to precipitation and UV radiation and being capable of withstanding heavy surface and tensile loads.

PVC Waterproofing with Integrity

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What is PVC Waterproofing

Used mainly for waterproofing buildings and roofs, PVC waterproofing membrane offers excellent vapor permeability. This means the material can let moisture out of the roof space of the building. This prevents insulation from becoming wet and moisture from becoming condensed within the roof. If parts of the membrane become damaged, this vapor permeability will contribute to the removal of moisture from the building. This can buy you some extra time when and if your roof does need repair.

Reinforced Membranes That Offer Increased Durability

Reinforced waterproofing membrane offers a reinforcing base in the form of either polyester mesh or glass fiber. These reinforced membranes give your roof increased durability including resistance to:

  • Wind loads
  • Temperature changes
  • Frost
  • Fire
  • Movements of structural elements of buildings
  • Oxidation
  • UV rays

PVC waterproofing membrane also offers longevity- it can last for up to fifty years without losing reliability!