Commercial Roof Repair

When it comes to roofing repairs, it’s crucial you receive the best advice regarding fixing your damaged roof. Damage to your commercial roof can be caused by a variety of reasons, and any signs of damage should never be ignored. This can result in damage that spreads to other areas of your roof, requiring more intensive repairs or even replacement of your entire roof. Taking care of your roof now can help you avoid serious problems (and costs) later.

The team at ON-DECK Roofing can handle all of your commercial roofing inspection and repair needs.

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Roof Leak Detection Tulsa
Roof Leak Detection Tulsa

From Water Leaks to Deterioration, We’ve Got You Covered

Roof repairs work to improve the overall health of your roof without ripping it all apart and starting over completely. For many minor to moderate damages to your commercial roof, a repair is an effective option. These damages could include:

  • Water Leaks: Heavy rain or snow can allow water to find a way into your shingles, felt underlay, and even the decking of your roof. Repair the problem before it becomes more serious (and more costly). 
  • High-Wind Damage: Wind gusts can pick up and remove pieces of your shingles. Additionally wind can carry debris to your roof that can lead to varying degrees of damage. 
  • Deterioration: As roofs age, minor problems including tears, splits in the membrane,  and cracks and deterioration of the walls can occur. Left unrepaired, this deterioration can become a major (and expensive) problem. 

Roof repair is also an ideal fix for mold mitigation, small holes, or missing shingles.

Don’t Replace When You Can Restore with Commercial Roof Repair

When a roof begins to leak or show signs of deterioration, replacement might be the first thought that comes to mind. Oftentimes, however, roof repair can address the problem quickly, efficiently, and much more cost-effectively than a full roof replacement.

Roof repairs are not only cost-effective, but this proactive maintenance approach can restore integrity and lengthen the lifetime of your existing roof.